Sightseeing in the city

Sightseeing walks are offered every first Saturday from May til October.


The guide will inform you about important parts of downtown (as Großflecken, town hall, Vicelin church, Kleinflecken, monastery islet). The visitors learn about the history and development of the ancient village and its people up to the modern town of today. The guide will choose the line of the walk, and – on request – special demands can be considered.

Costs: 60 Euro/group
Duration: 1 ½ hour

These sightseeing walks are also offered in swedish and danish language.
Tickets for the walk can be obtained at the tourist information office in the Großflecken-Pavillon.

Groups of visitors from out of the town can take part in a sightseeing tour in their own touring bus, with stops for a short walk to see the different points of interest. If wanted, it’s possible to pick you up at your hotel, restaurant or conference place. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help concerning restaurants or cultural entertainments in our town.

Contact addresses are:
Urte Grode, speaker of the guide team
Telephone: 0 43 21 – 5 13 31
Birkenweg 45a
24537 Neumünster

Tourist Information
Großflecken 34 a
24534 Neumünster
telephone: 04321/4 32 80